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Welcome at the English page on the Sport & More website. This part is specialy written for expats in Rotterdam who like to work out. Here you can find some general information about Sport & More in English.

General information

Sport & More is a gym in Rotterdam which you haven’t seen before. Here you won’t find the usual fitness equipment like you see in the traditional gyms. We train with ropes, tires, kettlebells, barbells, rigs and all kind of materials to offer you a real good and functional work out with a lot of variety!
We are located in the North of Rotterdam nearby a nice park for outdoor work outs, enough free parking space within just a 15 minute drive from the center of Rotterdam.

Our classes will never have more then 12-15 people meaning there’s always enough attention for every individual. All our trainers are certified and have a lot of experience!
We offer a variety of different work outs every week which goes from yoga and boxing classes to several strength and conditioning work outs. Please check our schedule for a complete overview!

English hours

Especially for expats in Rotterdam and other people from abroad who like to work out we have several classes where the only language spoken is English. Not only the instruction is in English but also the social talk before, during and after the training is in English.
These classes are open to everyone, also Dutch people. So it’s an excellent opportunity to meet new people, train hard and have a good time!
Are you an expat in Rotterdam and like to train? Please check our schedule for the classes marked with an English flag!
(Obviously you’re also welcome in our other classes and if necessary we will give extra instruction in English as well during those hours.)


We really want you to feel at home in our gym. Therefore we created the Sport & More loungeroom! Here you can stay after the work out, get a drink and talk about the training you just did!
From time to time we organise social events like a bbq, a drink in the beautiful city of Rotterdam or a special activity like watching the Champions Leaque Final together and play soccer ourselves the hour before. Just good fun….
Those moments are good opportunities to meet other Sport & More people in a different setting.


Especially for expats in Rotterdam we believe that the Sport & More creditcard is a good solution. That card has 10 credits and costs only €99,95. With this card you can join every class offered as mentioned on our schedule. It’s a “no cure, no pay” thing! If you’re on a business trip and unable to join classes you don’t pay…
If, however you train on a regular bases and several times a week then one of our subscriptions might suits you better. Please check prices for more detailed information about the subscriptions.

Further we offer personal training, nutrition advice, rehab training and we can also help you with injuries or other physical complaints.
If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more then happy to answer your questions and hopefully welcome you soon at our beautiful trainingfacility!


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